Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We're brothers we're sisters

Assalamualaikum my dearest friends..
Just heard dis song and would like to dedicated to all of u & all muslims in da world..

We ISA, we are brothers, we are sisters~~It's Friday today
we pray in mosques in line together
It's month of ramadhan
we're fasting in hunger together

No matter how great we are
the Earth is just a tiny space
We are made of Earth
and we'll return back to Eearth

Looking at the moon
we celebrate the Eid together
Looking at fajar
we wake up for subuh together

No matter how rich we are
the Earth is just a tiny space
We just come in one piece
in one piece we shall be back

We are brothers, we are sisters
facing one qiblah, we should feel for one another
share the fear and hope (tears and joy)
in this small world we share (live)
We are brothers and sisters
lend your hand together (help the world together)

Alif Ba Ta, we learn al-Quran together
Allahu Akbar, we raise our hands takbir together
No matter how smart we are, the Earth is just a tiny space
born like white cloth, cloth then dyed with sins and deeds

(give a very big clap to Genius Aulad and RAIHAN .. We are Brothers and Sisters album)

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hanim yusra said...

bile tengok gambo kat atas tuh..
rindu tyme dulu2~