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Harun Yahya Conference Tour @ USIM

Adnan Oktar, who writes under the pen-name Harun Yahya, was born in Ankara in 1956. He is a world-renowned man of ideas. Ever since his university years, he has dedicated his life to telling of the existence and oneness of Almighty Allah, and disseminating the moral values of the Qur’an, and providing group for the the intellectual defeat of materialist and atheist ideologies.

Harun Yahya Conferences-

Harun Yahya Conferences enjoy a wide audience in many countries worldwide. Greatly appreciated all around the world, these conferences have been instrumental in many people recovering faith in God and gaining deeper insights into their faith. These conferences' wisdom and sincerity, together with a distinct style that's easy to understand, directly affect anyone who attends them. It has been famous for its challenging approach against atheism or any other perverted ideology and materialistic philosophy.There have been more than 3500 Harun Yahya conferences world wide based on the works of Harun Yahya in his well known strive in educating the public about the proximity of faith and science, creation of universe, study of the Quran and Sunnah and related topics. He has written more than 300 books on many different topics. Harun Yahya's books are translated into more than 75 languages and are available in 178 countries throughout the world. His web page ( is visited by 5 million people every month and is known as one of the best web pages in the world.

Harun Yahya Conference Tour@USIM

29th January 2011 : 9.00 am -1.00pm
Venue : Dewan Kuliah Utama FPQS.
Title :
1. EVOLUTION DECEIT –Latest Update
2. THE QURAN- A gift to Mankind

Organized by SABA Islamic Media Sdn Bhd in collaboration with Harun Yahya Foundation, Faculty of Science and Technology and Insititiute of Quran and Sunnah Understanding (IKEQS), USIM.


1.Dr Ahmet Oktar Babuna & Dr Cihat Gundogdu ( Harun Yahya Foundation, Istanbul),
2. Mr Shah Kirit Kakula Govindji (Islamic Information Service, KL)


Dr Babuna is a neurosurgeon who also have extensive involvement in research and education surrounding topics of science, faith and evolution. He is a member of various research organizations worldwide, co-authored a book entitled Divine Action and Natural Selection: Science,Faith and Evolution, appeared in various national and international mass media including CNN and Al Jazeera and delivered numerous presentation and talks in seminars and conferences worldwide.

Dr Gundogdu is a Family Physician with deep interest in “Creation Science”. As a lecturer, he has given numerous lectures worldwide mainly based on the scientific evidence debunking Darwinism. He has written many articles published on several journals dealing with the scientific facts of creation and attended several TV programs as well. he believes it should the mission of scientists to tell people that what we observe in the scientific field is the evidence of “Creation”. He also founded and leads the “Nature and Human Health Association” (Doğa ve İnsan Sağlığı Derneği).


As part of their visit to the far east, both prominent figures in The Harun Yahya organization seeks to enlighten us in Malaysia of their discourse on topics that may really spark and test your faith and intellect surrounding the mentioned theme.

We hope this will leave an impact that will render us becoming a truth and knowledge seeking society with strengthened faith to our Creator, insyaAllah.

May Allah shower His blessings to our gatherings.
Insya Allah.

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