Sunday, October 16, 2011

Advance Java Test 1-DONE!

Just now,
We have completed our 1st test ever in Advanced Java (AdJa)
the test consist of 10 MCQ questions which we have to complete them in 15 minutes.
It covers chapter 1 until chapter 3
everybody shows different kind of faces according to their inner expression towards the AdJa questions..
Actually,if we read the notes given thoroughly,definitely we can answer all the questions succesfully..
however, it is common if there is a slight problem in answering it although we have read it all..=)

hopefully,the next test will be better than before..

to all ISA family,
lets strive together for it!!

(p/s:sorry for my English..)


ahza_hana said...

"we have read it all.."???
study sihkit jek m.lOng..
baru pas i-inoVa

hanimyusra said...

aku plak siapkan keje untuk upcoming program minggu nih..
sempat bace chapter 1 jer hanan..
yg len td jawab ikut logik+hentam care intelek je..