Friday, November 5, 2010


salam alaik..

i leave this lovely blog for quite long time...(myb coz i'm vry exited wif my own blog..u r invited to follow my blog ..lipoo)
i think i shoud write sumthg here..since some of my dear frens have wrote sumthn too..(tercabar kah?)

first of all..i woud like to thank all of u for the great enjoyable time we spent together last weekend..
huh...really exited to make some enty bout tht wonderfull that we will neva forget our sweet memories.. but.. all the pic still wif daus... i will make sure that i will write sumthn when i get all of our photo! ahah~

our FINAL EXAM for SEM1 juz around the corner...
i'm sure..all of u have started to make ur own revision..
unfortunately..excludin me...(sgt malas,ok!)
but..i'll try to do so too!
really.. i hope all of us will be a very great greatest FST student..ok..specifically..ISA student..ever after! (sgt tggi harapan!)

chaiyok3!! wake up now!
mari study! haiya5!
we can do it!
(pesanan utk diri sniri juga)..

bila kalian berjaya..
jgn lupa pada saya!