Wednesday, February 23, 2011

safety first

this is not my turn to update this blog actually.. mine is last week.. but for some reason..
i'm tryin to do so ryte now.. its already late but remember..
better late than sorry!
take it or leave it!..


avoiding for being tooo formal ok.. relex suda la kan?.. :p
since uzma help me to find somethng to share wif the readers..
and i'm the one who will publish the finding for you..

ramai yang bertanya..
apakah course kami ini..??
tentang apakah ia..?
penting sangat kah?
ada ke peluang utk kami dalam dunia modenisasi sekarang?
ramai kot student sc comp sekarang ni..? laku lagi ke?
teruskan bertanya kerana kami sgt yakin dengan diri kami!

yes! untuk dunia yang sedang berkembang maju ini..
memang banyak pihak yang memerlukan kami..
setaraf dengan hospital2 yang memerlukan doktor dan jururawat..
setaraf dengan sekolah yang memerlukan guru2 dan staff2 sokongan..
kami diperlukan d mana sahaja..
kerana dunia yang tanpa batasan dan sempadan sekarang..
memerlukan kawalan dan penjagaan dari mahasiswa/wi2 seperti kami..
bukan mendabik dada..
hanya ingin membuka mata semua..
dan sila kan berhenti memandang enteng pada kami..

sila bayangkan kawasan perumahan anda tiada kawalan 'pak guard'..
sila bayangkan bandar ini tiada kawalan polis...
sila bayangkan negara ini tiada kawalan askar..
dan akhir sekali..
sila bayangkan universiti ini tidak wujud SUKSIS dan PALAPES
(kredit to LIPO ,AKAK n PUDIN).. :p

sudah bayangkan?
kerja kami bukan kerja mudah..
tanggungjawab kami juga berat seperti mereka..
dan I'Allah..
kami juga akan berjihad di jalan Allah..
walaupon tanpa pedang atau revolver..
kami miliki ilmu yang boleh kami gunakan untuk melindungi ANDA!

here sumthing to share about cyberSAFE!

Computer viruses are software programs deliberately designed to interfere with computer operation, record, corrupt, or delete data, or spread themselves to other computers and throughout the Internet, often slowing things down and causing other problems in the process. Just as human viruses range in severity from the 24-hour flu to the Ebola virus, computer viruses range from the mildly annoying to the downright destructive, and come in new and different forms. The good news is that with an ounce of prevention and a little knowledge, you are less likely to fall victim to viruses and you can diminish their impact.

The following are the tips to help avoid viruses:
Keep your computer system current by enabling the "automatic update" feature.
Use an Internet firewall (Note: Windows XP with SP2 has a firewall already built-in and active).
Subscribe to industry standard antivirus software and keep it current.
Never open an e-mail attachment from someone you don't know.
Avoid opening an e-mail attachment from someone you know, unless you know exactly what the attachment is. The sender may be unaware that it contains a virus.
If you use Microsoft Office applications, it's a good idea to keep them updated too.

Being aware of the dangers in the internet, you can minimize the chance of an Internet mishap. Knowing the threats can help you protect your information and your computer. To be safer and more secure online, you should adopt these seven practices.

Protect your personal information. It's valuable.
Know who you're dealing with.
Use anti-virus and anti-spyware software, as well as a firewall, and update them all regularly.
Be sure to set up your operating system and Web browser software properly, and update them regularly.
Protect your passwords.
Back up important files.
Learn who to contact if something goes wrong online.

for more information...


ahza_hana said...

lipo.. ang lupo ltak ain palapes ka?

lipoo said...

alamak! lupo den..haha

aienrawi said...

smpi aty.....> <,... sob3x