Friday, March 25, 2011

("The Making of. . .");

..allaaaa...homework budak tadika mana yg tersesat masuk KK1 neyh??!..
.. ney dye master mind kitaorg..! (sape tu..??!) hehehe..

okeyh guys..
i just wanna share some simple little thing 'bout what we have done la
st night....till morning actually!
ni antara aktiviti2 yg group aku buat semalam..!
wow..! 0,o
..tyme ni..daa 12am..tak reti tdo ke diorg ney??..

First thing first,
we had an assignment that need us to make an English video!
our group members are;


..ish. . .takleyh berenggang ngan c belang dye tu..!..

actually this post is only about the progressing of MY group..
not for the entire ISA's. . .
..c belang pon nak amek port??! pdahal tak wat keje pon!..

(group len wa ta amek peduli k..hehhe)

saje2 nak show off kat group len je ney..haha
6t klo diorang pn upload jgak sal movie diorg...
penuh laa blog ney ngan vdeo ISA!!

..aii..budak2 ney..kalo bab 1..!..

So..this is it! We hope that we will succeed in our video's assignment..!
..please pray for us too ok..! ;)..

**its taking too long to upload the I've skipped it..maybe we'll upload it later**

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